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SFC3 Upgrade Mod 2.3.1 (all-in-one version) (2.3.1)
Filename: sfc3_upgrade_mod_2.3.1.zip

Date Added:
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153.61 MB
patch 534b

Average User Rating: 7.1
Number of Votes: 32
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SFC3 Upgrade Mod 2.3.1 (all-in-one version) (2.3.1) - File Description  

This is the definitive all-in-one version of my SFC 3 Upgrade Mod, no patches will follow this release.

This mod was developed as an expansion to SFC3: new conquest mode missions, a few new ships (almost all are canon, not a gazillion fan made kitbashes), faster gameplay and a 7 race map for conquest mode. Ships of the new races (Dominion, Cardassian and Ferengi) are also playable in skirmish mode as are all of the original ships. Game balance is mostly intact, except that large slow ships will have a better chance of hitting smaller, faster ships (I never liked the idea that 2 or 3 frigates could defeat a battleship by simply circling around it).

SFC3 Upgrade Mod 2.3.1 (all-in-one version) (2.3.1) - Screenshots  
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SFC3 Upgrade Mod 2.3.1 (all-in-one version) (2.3.1) - File Download Options  

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SFC3 Upgrade Mod 2.3.1 (all-in-one version) (2.3.1) - Readme  
Readme File:
Author: JanB
Buildt time ~2 months

This is my shot at making a decent expansion for Star Trek Starfleet Command 3. I've also included some tools I used when making this mod.


1) All weapons are 50% more powerful, Borg weapons are only 40% more powerful, to make the game more balanced.

2) All Federation, Klingon and Romulan engines are 50% faster, Borg impulse engines are between 35% (types I through VII) and 50% faster (types VII through X).

3) Shields regenerate faster.

4) Ships and stations are easier to hit, especially the smaller ones (it should give large ships a better chance against "mosquito attacks" but really doesn't upset game balance too much).

5) Conquest mode now features a variety of new missions, some done by The Pelikan and El-Karnak, some done by myself, the casino mission has been removed from conquest mode.

6) The Dominion, Cardassians and Ferengi are added as non-playable races: you will encounter them during conquest mode on the new 7 races map and their ships are playable in skirmish mode (under the race slots of the Klingons and the Federation).

7) In conquest mode alliances will be fixed and setup as follows: relations between the stock races will remain the same as in the original game, the Cardassians are allied to the Romulans and Ferengi and hostile to everyone else,
the Dominion are allied to the Ferengi and hostile to everyone else, the Ferengi are allied to everyone except the Borg, don't trust the Ferengi though: when they're in your fleet you'll never know which side they will choose in battles,
unless you're fighting the Borg.

8) Pirates and Rakellians will now use Ferengi shuttles

9) The following ships will be added:

Federation: Ju'day class corvette (PG), more widely known as the raider used by the Maquis, slightly weaker than the Saber class. It is only playable in skirmish mode,
but you will encounter raiders crewed by pirates in conquest mode.

Runabout gun boat (PG), only playable in skirmish mode, slightly weaker than the Ju'day class

Nova class (FF), Olympic class (FF), same specs as the Saber class

Miranda class (DD), same specs as the Norway

Steamrunner class (CL) and Centaur class (CL), same specs as the original Intrepid class, the Intrepid class itself gets 100 more mass to spend on weapons,
the Defiant class gets 250 more mass to spend on shields and the orientation of its primary hardpoints has been changed

Ambassador class (BC), same specs as Nebula class

Saurian class (BC), a Gorn ship with Romulan weapons, slightly more powerful than the Nebula class

Heavy Sovereign class (BB), almost identical to the original Sovereign (which is still present), but slightly more powerful weapons and better hardpoints

Prometheus class (BB), same specs as the Heavy Sovereign class

Klingons: Heavy Negh'var (BB), almost identical to the original Negh'var (which is still present), but slightly more powerful weapons and better hardpoints

Romulans: Valdore class (CA), slightly more powerful than the Hawk class

Ferengi: D'Koren class (identical FF and DD versions), same model as the Marauder, slightly weaker than the Saber class

D'Kora class (identical CL and CA versions), the original Marauder with a full loadout (Federation weapons only), slighlty weaker than the Centaur and Steamrunner classes

Dominion: Jem'Hadar Attackship (identical FF and DD versions), weaker shields and armor but with slightly more powerful weapons and more maneuverable than the Saber class

Breen Patrol Ship (CL), slightly less powerful than the K'Tinga class

Breen Warship (CA), slightly more powerful than the Fek'lhr class

Jem'Hadar Battlecruiser (identical BC and DN versions), same specs as the Nebula class

Jem'Hadar Battleship (BB), slightly more powerful than a Heavy Sovereign

Pirates: Pirate Raider (FF), identical to the Ju'day class

Ferengi Privateer (DD), identical to the original Marauder

Breen privateer (CL), identical to the Breen Patrol Ship

Pirate Heavy Cruiser (CA), same specs as the default Akira class

Cardassians: Hideki class (FF), same specs as the Saber class

Son'a Destroyer (DD), same specs as the Norway class

Galor class (CL), same specs as the Centaur and Steamrunner classes

Keldon class (identical CA and BC versions), same specs as Akira class

Son'a Dreadnaught (DN), same specs as the Galaxy class

Hutet class (BB), almost identical to the Heavy Sovereign

Borg: The Doomsday Machine (BB), a slow moving but very powerful monster. It is only playable in skirmish mode but will make an appearance as a monster in conquest mode
where it will occassionally replace the stock monster.

NOTES: when a ship has identical versions for different hull classes this is purely meant for the AI in conquest mode, you will only have one version available in skirmish mode.

In skirmish mode Breen ships will be availabe under the Klingon race slot, all Jem'Hadar, Cardassian, Son'a and Ferengi ships will be available under the Federation's race slot.

All races have the stations they need to make conquest mode run smoothly, the bases are all custom designs.

The heavy versions of the Federation and Klingon dreadnaughts were meant to make conquest mode more enjoyable: when you have a BB join your fleet you know you're getting your
race's most powerful ship with a full loadout, you'll need them to engage enemy battleships and bases.

By identical specs I mean the same hullspace for systems: hardpoints and their orientations may differ.

Deep Space 9 is included in this mod but is only available throug fleetpick.

All ships and stations have damage textures and break models.

10) Most of the planets have new textures.

11) Pulse phasers Klingon, disruptors and photon, gravitmetric and quantum torpedoes have new textures.

12) Shields are blue now, but will turn red when almost depleted.

13) Fleets in conquest mode can now hold up to three ships of any hull class, even BB's.

14) Assaulting bases and planets will now turn those sectors over to your side more quickly.

15) You will now start conquest mode in a ship with a full equipment loadout, of the same class as in the original game.

16) Sensor ranges of all bridge computer types have been increased.

17) Phasers and Romulan disruptors are thinner.

18) Ships with new models and textures are the Fek'lhr, Nebula class, Akira class, Galaxy class, Sovereign class, Warbird, Borg Sphere, Borg Cube, Excelsior class, Intrepid class, Saber class,
Norway class, Vor'cha and the Defiant class.

19) Freighters now have better phasers and hull armor.

20) All battleships (BB) now come with a full equipment loadout and fully stocked with shuttles, mines and marines.

21) AI ships with full equipment loadouts will now cross your path from time to time in conquest mode.

22) I've added some more escort ships in the impossible (in the patched version of the game anyway) mission "Elusive Quarry" to make it beatable. This script does not require
my upgrade mod, so anyone can use it.

23) Waiting time before conquest mode missions has been reduced.

24) Officers can now take more damage.

25) Borg armour has been reduced by 10%, to make the game more balanced.

26) Changed/new missions:

Surprised reversed: same as the original, but Dominion, Cardassian and Ferengi fleets can now be encountered.

Planetary assault: planets will now always be M-class planets (assimilated planets in the case of the Borg), you have a 1/3 chance of encountering a special "headquarters" planet,
such a planet has a starbase (replacing one of the weapons platforms), a frigate and a battleship added to the regular defenses, you will receive an AI helper
fleet consisting of two battlecruisers, two heavy cruisers and one light cruiser of your empire.

Distress call/Emergency: a ship of your empire, less or equally powerful to your own ship (but it also depends on the difficulty setting) is under attack by enemy ships who, together,
are twice as powerful as the distressed ship, usually that means two ships of the same hullclass, but with pirates or Rakellians it could be more than two
ships. The Dominion, Ferengi and Cardassians are all possible attackers.

Scan/Survey: same as before, but now all of your enemies could attack your ship, the strength of the attackers depends on your ship's hullclass and the difficulty setting.

Assimilate (non-Borg only: the Borg have been sighted in the area, you are dispatched to destroy them, Borg ship strength depends on your ship's hullclass and the difficulty
setting. There is a great deal of variation here with occasionally a huge battle between cubes and a fleet of your empire.

Intruder alert: there are now two variations of this mission. One is the original mission, the other one features the Doomsday Machine and has different dialogue, you have
a 50/50 of getting each variation of this mission.

Convoy assault: now also features Dominion, Ferengi and Cardassian convoy's.

Shipyard assualt: now correctly features Dominion, Cardassian and Ferengi shipyards and defenders.

Counter punch patrol: you will face three enemy ships, enemy team strength is based on your ship's hullclass and the difficulty setting, you will also be assigned two AI helper ships.

Fleet Action: same as counter punch patrol but now it's 6 vs 6.

Seek & destroy: you are assigned to destroy an enemy battleship rampaging through the region. The enemy battleship will be escorted by two frigates. You will be assigned
AI helper ships, their numbers and hullclasses depend on your own hullclass and the difficulty setting. You will be severely outgunned unless you are
flying a battleship of your own, but staying right on top of the battleship, in its "blind spot" gives you a fair chance of success. The Borg cube
cannot be encountered in this mission (it's too powerful and has too many wide firing arcs).

Additional missions (by El-Karnak and The Pelican) are: scout, the neutral zone, pirate raid and hostile terrirory.


1) Reinstall the game unless it's the original version (no mods).

2) Install patch 534b.

3) Install fleetpick (you don't have to to make this mod work but it's a nice skirmish scenario editor and if you install it do it before you delete the .Cache files in Assets/Scripts).

4) Copy all files to the right folders.

5) Delete both .Cache files (if present) in Assets/Scripts.

Have fun.

NOTE: This mod will overwrite you customloadout file, be sure to back your custom ships up, write their configs down and you can add them after the mod is installed.


The Ferengi and Dominion empires will use Federation shuttles. There's nothing I can do about that since these functions seem to be hardcoded.


El-Karnak and The Pelican for their mission scripts, Pelican also wrote the 9 races map tutorial. The assimilate, distress call/emergency, seek & destroy,
scan/survey, counter punch patrol and fleet action scripts are my own creations, I sometimes named the files after those of other authors for technical reasons
(so saved games in earlier versions of the mod won't get corrupted).

CaptainFiredrake: Blue shields.

Brad Villa: Tutorial.

Ghostrider: Weapon textures.

Darkdrone: Ferengi shuttle, Ferengi base stations, Breen Patrol Ship, Breen Warship, Dominion base stations, Deep Space 9, Ferengi freighter,
Son'a Destroyer, Son'a Dreadnaught, Centaur, Planets, Runabout, Galaxy, Warbird, Nebula.

Redragon: Breen Patrol Ship, Breen Warship, Jem'Hadar Battleship, Jem'Hadar Battlecruiser, Nova, Sovereign

Kane: Dominion freighter (Karemma), Cardassian base stations.

Nine of Nine: Jem'Hadar Attackship, Defiant.

Zorg: Hideki, Galor, Keldon, Cardassian shuttle, Cardassian freighter, Hutet, Ju'day/raider.

ThomasTheCat: Cardassian base stations, Intrepid

Rick Knox: Gorn Saurian, Ambassador, Miranda, Steamrunner, Akira, Norway.

DarkMatrix: Borg Cube.

Interstellar Machine: Olympic.

Dawn: Valdore.

ModelsPlease: Dominion shuttle and various others.

Chris Jones: Prometheus.

Taldren, Ritual Entertainment, Microprose and Activision.

Fallen_Warrior: Planets, Doomsday Machine.

Yochenhsieh: Fek'lhr.

Cleeve: Vor'cha, Saber.


This Mod and server conatins BETA unreleased material which is protected by the initial install End User Licensed Agreement of Starfleet Command III. Licensed material included in this Mod is not authorized by Taldren or Activision to be stripped, reverse engineered and inserted into nonauthorized materials as such uses are considered to be illegal. This Mod is authorized by Taldren for use in Single Player, Multi Player and the Server in which it was developed to be used with. Material used outside the specifications listed or reverse engineering can result in penalties such as IP address banning from Dynaverse, Banning from Taldren Forums, Computer and Software Confiscation, Federal Copywrite Infringement Lawsuit charges with punishment including a fine not to exceed $250,000. Please use this mod for only the purpose intended.

This notification is defined as a Non Disclosure Agreement. Balancing issues, graphical issues such as UI placement or locations of where the weapons fire is considered to be public information and can be posted in public.. hard coded material such as map item interaction, etc, which are unchangable by the Server Admin is considered private information and can only be discussed via Email with any Taldren Beta Test member, Taldren Admin Staff, or the Server Administrator and is not to be posted in any forum that is accessable to the public, whether of not the forum is public or private. Game bugs found when using should be Emailed to the creator of the mod or posted on their forum only due to this being an Unreleased Test Build covered with this NDA. Since this is a Mod, Certain components are licensed material. Components that are not licensed IS NOT MADE OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION OR TALDREN. Please check with Server Admin about which components are Licensed and which are not.

Clicking below agreeing to install, you are bound to the terms as stated and covered and you are bound by NDA until such time as the licensed material is released publically by Activion or Taldren or Notification that NDA has been lifted.

YOU WILL NOT ATTEMPT TO RESELL OR REDISTRIBUTE ANY PART OF THIS MOD. You have my permission to use this mod for your own mods as you see fit but other modders mentioned in the credits will want you to credit and/or contact them before using their work.

NOTE: Artifex.exe (map editor) only works under Windows XP, watch tabs and spacing in loadout files!

SFC3 Upgrade Mod 2.3.1 (all-in-one version) (2.3.1) - User Comments  
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 Expand#27 - Version 3.0 is up - Posted by: JanB (Member) - 10-20-2014 at 07:58

 Expand#28 - Moddb link - Posted by: JanB (Member) - 10-21-2014 at 04:51

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